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If you're looking for the single easiest way to meet ... attract ... and seduce beautiful women, then this will be one of the most exciting messages you ever read. 

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There is NOTHING More Important Than the First Conversation. DO IT RIGHT, and You’ll Be Able to Land Any Girl You Want. 
Here's a Small Taste of What You’ll Discover When You Get "The Approach Formula" Today:
  •  Staging - A brilliant technique to get a girl attracted to you before you even speak to her. This puts the cards in your favor and makes her responsive and flirty during the first conversation. It also completely sidesteps rejection because you’ll already know if she wants to talk to you.

  • The TBO Opener - This opener has a 99% success rate because it makes women light up like a Christmas tree. It makes you look clever ... charming ... funny and stacks all the chips in your favor before you even say your first word. 

  •  The RCR Technique - First created by Mark’s partner, Erik Amino, this tactic is ABSOLUTE GOLD. It makes women suddenly feel the need to qualify themselves to you and work for your approval. When you can get girls to do that, their attraction for you SKYROCKETS. 

  •  The “All the Girls” Turnaround - Almost all girls say THIS EXACT THING in every conversation. When she says it — which she will — you’ll have the perfect reply that will make her laugh so hard she’ll let out a giant pussy fart. 

  •  Example Conversation With Step by Step Breakdown - Witness a real conversation that Mark had himself. And peak over his shoulder as he breaks down every element so you can replicate it on your first night out. 

  •  What to Talk About — You'll learn exactly how to talk to girls in a way that BUILDS ATTRACTION. You'll get conversation bait & "chick crack" to ensure you'll always know what to say and have something FUN to talk about. 

  •  4 Techniques for Getting the Phone Number - These techniques have been so refined they have god-like powers to get phone numbers. Even if you botch the whole conversation, the substance in these techniques alone will get you her digits — Guaranteed.

  •  The Call Back Technique - You’ll use this when you get her phone number. It puts a seal on the interaction that will have her cracking up as you walk away, and it guarantees she’ll remember you when you send your first text. 

  •  The Golden Rule of Seduction - If I had just ONE THING to teach you it would be THIS. Guys spend thousands on seminars and workshops to learn what I'm about to show you in 5 short minutes. This rule alone is worth the price of admission, because it alone will get you LAID. 
Getting THIS PART of Their Game Right Made All the Difference for These Happy Students:
“Finally, someone wrote this book. I’ve been looking for something like this forever. Thanks for putting this out there. It really is some high quality information and it's improved my close rates by well over 500%.”

-Scott S, 29, Rochester, MN

“I always struggled with the first conversation I did what most people do which was to ask interview types questions. Where do you work? Where are you from? It makes sense now why I’d rarely get numbers. Now that I changed my vibe things have completely changed for me. I’m now getting girls and many of them are super frigin hot! Thanks again.” 

-Sandy Corazon, 32, Ranchero, CA

“MAAAARK. This book is tits, man. It’s well thought out, well structured, and it gives all kinds of great information. I’m on my way to my own 10,000 successes because of all your programs! Hit me up if you’re ever doing a workshop in Pittsburgh.”

-Darren Ben Dockstader, 24, Pittsburgh, PA

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To Your Success, 
Mark Sing
P.S. Remember, the first conversation is the most important part of seducing a woman. It's when she decides whether or not she's attracted to you — and oftentimes if she wants to have sex with you. This is the only product of its kind that focuses solely on that all-important 5 minute interaction. It's based on over 10,000 successful approaches, and it's been proven to work for almost any guy who uses it. It will work for you, too. It's my guarantee!!!
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